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Metro stores are designed to encourage shopping closer to home, with most people walking or cycling to shop.


Twenty parking spaces will be made available for customers who need to drive. These spaces will be located at the rear of the store, with vehicle access from Lennon Lane.

Pedestrian access and safety

Pedestrian access from the village into the store will be via Military Road and Lennon Lane. Military Road will be the main pedestrian entrance, while access from Lennon Lane will be available from the car park.


Given the site’s location near Mosman High School and Mosman Public School, a number of steps have been taken to ensure pedestrian safety.


A new pedestrian walkway is included along the western side of Lennon Lane, connecting the store to Gouldsbury Street for pedestrian use.


The loading dock area has been separated from customer access areas, and the truck delivery path avoids Mosman High School.

Deliveries and truck operations

The proposed smaller store means a reduced number of deliveries and the use of smaller trucks.


Store deliveries will be made by mid-sized trucks via the rear lane.


A delivery truck size for a Metro store is approximately 8.8 metres, which is less than half of the size of a regular 19m truck that would be required for a typical size supermarket. All deliveries will be managed within the site, as will waste and recycling collection. Woolworths Group plans each delivery with great care to ensure safety and efficiency.


Deliveries will occur between Monday and Sunday (9am – 2pm).

MM Access Diagram 210825.png

Diagram showing site access – click to enlarge

Other safety initiatives

Woolworths Group has also included the following measures in the plans to ensure safe and efficient operation of the store:

  • Parking will be limited to 1 hour free, preventing vehicles from staying in the car park for long periods of time.

  • The loading dock will be secured outside of the delivery hours.

  • Access to the store will be closely monitored by CCTV with cameras installed in public areas to ensure safety in and around the store.

  • The buildings will be regularly cleaned and maintained.

  • The car park will be closed from 10pm to 7am Monday to Saturdays and 10pm to 8am on Sundays.

  • All areas of the car park and store entrances will be well lit during operational hours.

210826_Mosman Carpark.png

Artist's impression of rear entry


The Metro store will reduce the construction timeframe to around 12 months. A construction management plan will be followed by our builder partner (Total Construction) to mitigate impacts on nearby neighbours.


During construction, care will be taken to restrict and minimise dust, noise and traffic impacts. Best practice measures will be taken during construction, including barriers and screens to contain dust, and maintaining a clean worksite.


A particular focus will be on minimising impacts with surrounding community areas and neighbouring businesses. Woolworths Group is committed to working with the community throughout this period and welcome any feedback or concerns from the community on how to minimise impacts.

Woolworths is committed to keeping the community informed during construction and has commissioned community engagement company, Urbis Engagement, to assist with this process.


We encourage you to ask questions and provide your feedback by phone or email:

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